Dune garden

A garden in tune with the wild characteristics of the Dutch dunes.

This garden has no visual borders and seems to expand into the rolling sand hills of this typical Dutch landscape.

Andrew-van-Egmond-Katwijk-Dune-garden-Holland-PLAN copy
Terrasses floating in dune vegetation

The edge of the property seamlessly flows into the surrounding dunes

In this garden design, the dune character is defining. The house and garden border the dunes of Katwijk. The space is defined by a large architectural gesture: a prominent terrace made of grey stone. The position of the terrace is in no logical relation to the house, resulting in an apparently random arrangement that allows them to integrate into the capricious dune landscape. This modern home integrates seamlessly into the garden and the general landscape through the large ground-level windows. The long, twisted plane naturally guides the eyes toward the point where the sun sets. Ideal for house dwellers who can take a break from their busy lives and spend their afternoons enjoying the sun. Next to the terrace, the water element and the concrete figurehead come together in a composition that doesn’t affect the expression of the lush vegetation.

On the contrary, the greenery and the designed elements are in harmony, enhancing each other’s qualities.

Architectural element seams to float in spontaneous green
Contact with the garden from inside
Architectural gesture in contrast with wild natural vegetation
Wild plant mix based on native vegetation in the dunes


Annie Beugel

Green contractor

Spots hoveniers & Tuintech


Terra Architecture magazine

Chic Garden Concept

Light garden furniture not interfering with design composition
Wild plant mix based native planting in the dunes
Wild plant mix based native planting in the dunes
Refinement in detailing and material
Andrew van Egmond |  PLAN  |  Dune garden The Netherlands