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Andrew van Egmond

Designing garden and landscape

Andrew is well known for his subtle and minimalistic design approach and is always curious about new concepts in garden and landscape architecture. He is driven to find the intersection, that perfect balance between the natural and the human, where nature not only welcomes but embraces architectural gestures.

He works to strengthen the sense of place by connecting with the underlying landscape. Andrew believes every place tells the story of the landscape it belongs to. A garden's connection with its natural surroundings is a given, which can be enhanced through a well balanced composition of lines and surfaces, together with a sensitive selection of plant communities. 

Andrews garden designs explore the contrast between the natural landscape and architecture,

striving for a balance between the spontaneous expression of nature and minimalist architectural interventions.

His intention is to allow the natural, intuitive beauty of the landscape to express itself and enhance the connection with its surroundings by framing nature in a humble and minimalistic way.

Do you want to know more about Andrew's desing philosophy, his approach and way of working or are you interested

in a desing for your garden or estate please don’t hesitate to contact him.


Canada  |  BC    +     The Netherlands  





CA : +1 - 236 986 6083


NL : +31 - (0)6 121 68 505

For media and publicity please contact:



GST number: 792-422-537 RT0001  


Chamber of Commerce: 28.117.687

VAT #: NL 1843.76.865.B01


Media  |  Awards





Winner of Lila Awards  |  2020





Dutch television  |  October 2019


Tour studio - garden in The Netherlands.

Telling about the garden's strong connection with the surrounding landscape

& letting go, trusting natural processes


Home & Garden | April 2017


Connecting the landscape, An article about my own allotment garden in Wassnaar (The Netherlands) in a Dutch garden magazine Home&Garden


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De Tuin in vier seizoenen | September 2016


Article about a forest garden in Laren

Being like a guest in the landscape


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Home & Garden | September 2016


Article about the studiogarden in Amsterdam






Drieklomp Exclusive Living magazine | Spring 2015


An article about the relevance of garden architecture






De Tuin in vier seizoenen | December 2014


Article about a big villa garden in Noord-Holland, the Neteherlands


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LandscapeMe "magazine in the Middle East" | January 2013


Report of a garden in Delft, adjacent to the typical Netherland landscape


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Chic Gardens Concept | September-October 2012


Patio Garden in the spotlight






Terra Architectura | about water in two garden designs | februari 2012


About water in two garden designs






Radio interview on BNR radio


An interview about garden trends for a Dutch radio station





FD persoonlijk | Financieel Dagblad | April 2010


Article about new Dutch design in a Saturday edition of a national News Paper


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Publication in a Dutch garden book | Master gardens | mei 2009


Article about a dune garden witch embraces natural, rural and native planting strategies






ELLE garden | april 2009


A report about two garden in the trending magazine ELLE


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