Saturna Island 2, Canada BC


Awareness for Geology

A private residence on the pristine Island of Saturna in BC, Canada.

The idea behind the unique design/architecture and landscape architecture is all about fitting the dwelling into the site in a humble way and experiencing the landscape in all its drama.

Architecture and landscape architecture are in constant communication with each other.

Architecture dwelling and architecture landscape by Andrew van Egmond.

Picture by Nancy Angermeyer

The concept of a volume floating above the bluff worked out very well. The design of the residence is a simple one. It’s a rectangular box positioned on a long wall of concrete that acts like an artificial rock face inspired by the linear natural rock faces already existing in the protected bluff. 

The house design is one open space with a surface of about 1000 sq. ft. Within the one space; different subspaces are created by a central unit which houses the kitchen, the bathroom and a walk-in closet.

This amazing landscape needs only minimal and subtle landscaping. A few lines and gentle composing activate the beauty of the site. The hardscaping exists of sandstone harvested on-site and used in different ways and floating decks of local cedar lumber and 1x2 feet concrete tiles. 

The planting exists of a base of native and local trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials together with a subtle selection of more non-invasive cultivated bulbs, perennials and biennials. All are serving the natural identity of the landscape and not taking away from the natural carpet and ecosystem but adding and enriching it.


Andrew van Egmond  |  Ron Wilson


Architectrure  |  Design: 

Andrew van Egmond with help of

James White & Tony Simmonds

Pictures by Andrew van Egmond

Sequence of a cliffside and two exposed natural rock faces continue into an artificial linear rock face positioned under the cantilevering dwelling, making the architecture float in the landscape.

New dwelling in between existing trees blending the new volume into the background.

A sequence of artificial linear lines made out of concrete and sand stone masonry together with exposed existing bed rock. All following the dominant geological configuration of Saturna Island, connecting the site to the bigger landscape and underlying geology.

The sculptures are made out of local soil mixed with Portland cement.

Trying to work with the rawness of the environment. landscaping / land-shaping with local soil, materials and plant life. Working from a point of mutual exchange with the landscape.